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This is the corrrespondence among the group while producing the Project Plan for the Assignment

Dear Team,

By now you would have seen the emails sent by Karen and have understood that we've re-invented the wheel. It was agreed that the paper needed re-construction that followed more closely a project plan. We agreed on completion by Sunday April 1, 8:00 p.m. The schedule is very tight but can be done with a lot of effort and support. If anyone needs direct support, please let each other know asap. Unfortunately, since Stacey indicated that she would be unavailable this week-end, she does not form part of this schedulet. The schedule and outstanding work/responsibilities is hereunder. If there is need for change, please indicate asap.

Outstanding Work/Responsible Party Time Plan

Jeannelle Saturday March 31

Wikis Evaluation: 9:00 p.m. - final submissions to be placed on Google

Final Edit Sunday April 1

_ 12 noon - Karen to upload structured document to Google

Gideon 12:01-4:00 p.m. - Jeannelle to do final editing

Budget/Cost Management Plan 4:01 - 5:00 p.m. - TEAM read of final document

Setting Final Paper to Wikispaces 5:01-7:59 - Gideon to load document onto wiki site. Vidya to



Risk Management Plan

Final Paper Burn and Submission



Timeline with attendant WBS


Project Plan Outline Reconstruction:



Any other things to be completed

n.b. keep in mind that the paper should be set at 1.5 line spacing, 2 spaces after a full stop. Our language style is standard English.

Also note, this message has been sent to your gmail address for ease of reference.

Project Proposal:

  • Project Grow Box can be found by browsing Pages and Files. (ON THE LEFT)
  • Filter By Tag :"Project Proposal" or "Assignment 2." (ON THE RIGHT)
  • Please make amendments to this document at this wiki only so that user inputs and edits can be saved.

Please note there should be no more comments placed ABOVE this mark!!!!!!!

30th March 2012 7:21pm

Yes Gideon, I agree with you. Since two out of the three of evaluations followed the same format then the third one being the wikidot show follow the same.


30th March 2012 4:30pm Hi everyone, I think we should standardize our evaluation criteria. If we use the matrix we should all use it, similarly the swot analysis. This would ensure that we are making a comparison based on the same standards. What are your views? Gideon.

30th March 2012 4:15 pm

Hi everyone, The project proposal that we have been working on is located here. The evaluations and summaries are also located here so please make your relative inputs on the pages identified as 1. Project proposal- Project Grow Box 2. Wiki Evaluations


Good day people,

I have asked Gideon to figure out how to transfer our evaluation input onto the wiki site so that we fulfill our assignment requirement in working in wiki. I myself am trying to figure it out so that I can move my input from Google, once you guys have read and commented. It is necessary that we put our heads together to figure out how to work in wiki or else the assignment will not be handed in.

Please be guided accordingly,



I do hope all is well. You will note that Stacey has sent her evaluation input via Google mail. It is very interesting and seems through. Jude, I would think that you would read, edit, confirm and send final document. LET US HAVE THESE READY FOR STUDY AND EVALUATION BEFORE THE END OF THE WORK DAY I.E. BY 4PM, PLEASE. I recognize that everyone has something else to do, so please decide where this fits on your priority matrix.


Take note: I am doing my writing in the Google docs using via Assignment 1 using the colour green to show my amendments.



28th March, 2012

Hi Jeannelle,

I saw that you want the evaluation by 10pm tonight. However, I doubt very much I can make that deadline and apologize sincerely for that. I planned to do this along with my part of the project tomorrow as it's a holiday. Things have been stressful and I am extremely tired. I will try my best to get up early tomorrow and complete.

J,as far as the wiki is concern, I think it's just a collaboration tool where we use to create the proposal...just like google docs...it's just like the camping trip video on You tube...you mention project management tools etc....I think you complicating things a bit...just basic...it's only a tool...well at least I gather that much...I don't think there is a need to upload anything like MS Project etc...

Vidya _

Hello Gideon,

Good to know that you can finish the evaluation matrix today. Yes, the matrix should be used, after which we can collate the data and give an analysis of the 3 and the reasons why we selected what. So Team, please submit your evaluations by 10 p.m., TONIGHT. I'll then be able to write our synopsis for inclusion in the body of the exercise, while each evaluation shall form part of the additional documentation.

Please have your detailed input prepared by Friday since Saturday morning, given that we have no class, I in union with Karen will be doing the editing. After that, the document must be get a final read from all, then it must be burnt onto a CD. So there is a lot of work to do and everyone's participation is expected.

Also, I would like to cancel today's (Thursday) meeting scheduled for 5 p.m. as I will have to be at my house to occasion a pretty bad plumbing repair.



March 29 (11:29 am) Hey everyone, My schedule is not as flexible as last semester hence my limited communication but i will complete the eval of wikia today, Question,are we using the evaluation matrix as a additional tool to summarise our evaluations? (b.t.w. skype name is (gideon.nicholls) ) Gideon.

Thanks Jeannelle,

Your feedback helped me clarified my thoughts so as to throw out my next point. I agree with you in regard to not starting something new which would be very strenuous at this time. But based on my insight from the PM course with Burgess the outline Stacey provided is the ideal format for the Project Plan, and we can use the same data from the Proposal via copy and paste into the relevant areas but we will also have to do Risk Mgmt plan, Scope Mgmt Plan, Schedule Mgmt Plan, Cost Mgmt plan which can be placed in the appendix. You can view the Project Report I did for Burgess class which I captured the Schedule mgmt plan and Cost mgmt plan, which I can assist in elaborating on for our project plan.

I am not disagreeing with you just my view and its all in the effort to do our best :)

Feedback welcomed.



I would never consider any question you bring to the table as stupid. Truly, words like that are not bandied around by me. I tend to be straight-up.

You will recall that Assignment 1 was our project proposal and that was submitted on time. You would have been sent a copy. As I understand it, a project plan is developed on the project proposal therefore, we should only have to elaborate upon /widen/increase the details on each section, rather than having to re-invent the wheel. If you look at my first message of tonight, I divided up the work using the Table of Contents from our project plan.

A comparison of the outline sent in by Stacey and the Team's project proposal Table of Contents will show the following: Stacey's Team Introduction = Abstract, 1.0 Background = 3.0 and 4.0 Project Scope = 6.0 and 7.0

And so on.

is a great elaboration of what we have to do but I would appreciate you using the Table of Contents also. The majority of us are working at a disadvantage having not had the benefit of the PM course, so bear with me.


JB _

Hey Vid,

Regarding the eval, well I just began jotting down points as it came to my head about the site then I will go through the criteria for evaluation and start to fill them in, similar to the format Stacey. If we both do our eval we could compare, and I think will be good coming from 2 different perspectives.


Hi Jeannelle,

I am also a bit confuse as to what I have to do. I will start work on the evaluation tonight. Also, I am prepare to meet our deadline so all will be completed by Friday afternoon.

Karen, chick let me know how you want to do this evaluation...maybe we can split it. Oh yes I submitted the 1st project already.


Hi Jeannelle,

This may be a stupid question but could you clarify something, The tasks assignment below if for the Project Proposal or The Project Plan.

As Stacey's outline is a great method which is similar to PMBok to do a Project Plan. Also, did Ellis receive the Project Proposal already?

Just some questions popped in my mind and currently has me confused.




Found this on projectsmart and found it an interesting guideline . Perhaps it will be of some good.

Risk Management Plan

Risk management is an important part of project management. Although often overlooked, it is important to identify as many risks to your project as possible, and be prepared if something bad happens.

Here are some examples of common project risks:

Time and cost estimates too optimistic.

Customer review and feedback cycle too slow.

Unexpected budget cuts.

Unclear roles and responsibilities.

Stakeholder input is not sought, or their needs are not properly understood.

Stakeholders changing requirements after the project has started.

Stakeholders adding new requirements after the project has started.

Poor communication resulting in misunderstandings, quality problems and rework.

Lack of resource commitment.

Risks can be tracked using a simple risk log. Add each risk you have identified to your risk log; write down what you will do in the event it occurs, and what you will do to prevent it from occurring. Review your risk log on a regular basis, adding new risks as they occur during the life of the project. Remember, when risks are ignored they don't go away.


March 28th,


Thanks for your input.

Guys, it seems that our assignment 2 is due Friday March 30: that will be Week 10. Since it is a holiday I am willing to take the extra day and hand in on Sunday. We all must work a lot this week-end.

We shall use our Table of Contents from Assignment 1 as a guide for division of the work. Each section needs to be elaborated and brought in sync with all other sections. For completion on Saturday, we need to meet in person, Thursday March 29 starting at 5:00 p.m. and if necessary, Friday March 30 at 11:00 a.m. for completion by Saturday. Our meeting place will be the usual Food Court, then find a room for discussion. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW WERE ARE SUPPOSED TO USE THE WIKI. I need team effort on this please. We need to pull together to get this thing done.

Abstract, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 - Jeannelle 3.0, 11.0, 11.0 - Vidya 5.0, 9.0, setting up of WIKI - Gideon 6.0, 11.0, 12.0 - Karen 7.0 including WBS - Jude Evaluation of WIKIs - All

Take note, that Stacey indicated she was not available for the week-end beginning March 30.

Let's continue to talk via this medium tonight, ok


March 29th,

Guys, please take a look at the Project Plan elements i beefed up. These are just some considerations.

Please click the below hyperlink.

Project Plan Elements


March 29th,

It's doable to have the Project Plan aspects located to the side. I don't think it would be too hard, i was thinking the same thing myself since i was playing around with the wiki structure. Not to mention, from our evaluation, wouldn't that be something we'd eventually like to incorporate for simpler user navigation and faster adaptability of learning?

In reference to other aspects being added to the Project Plan, give me by late this afternoon to get all those things sorted out.

QUESTION: Can we use some horizontal rules as dividers between comments? Like the one below. Sometimes its kind of hard to see who wrote what when its all black text.



I am thinking that we need to create a structure for our wiki site where we will be preparing our project plan. Is it possible to have a navigation site so that one can just highlight whichever part of the plan in which you are interested? Like chapter headings? Is that 'doable'? Does it make sense?

Feedback from all you wiki experts please.


March 27


In my email of March 25, I suggested you read the original base document. I hope your thinking took if one step further in that we should also be looking at Assignment 1 from which we will build our project plan.

Sorry about that. The lightbulb moment only came now.



Team, please intimately familiarize yourself with PMBok Planning. Each of us need to know about:

  • Scope
  • Activities
  • Resources
  • Schedule
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk analysis
  • WBS and milestones, etc, etc.

We all need to come to the table having this knowledge. Do this while keeping in mind the PROJECT. We need to get going on this! Stacey, I eagerly await your input so that we can move forward.



March 27

Wonderful that you all are getting more familiar with wiki. Keep in mind that based on the evaluation of eachof the 3 selected wikis, the Team will use 1 out of the appraised 3 to do the work. Not this site.

March 27th, 2012

Hmmm you got rid of my beautiful pink...lol it's cool. Yep I realize the same yesterday so stared playing around with it myself in attempt to do my evaluation.


March 27th, 2012

Hey guys I felt like playing around. There are so many things we can do with our wikispace. I added a skype and Calendar, which i believe could help us prioritize and what not. People could check the calendar to see what they need to do on what dates.

I think the themes are very good. As far as changing layout goes, it feels alot better. Something about it feels alot more ergonomic and to me the navigation is so much more instinctive and natural - as in what we're accustom too. Vidya i hope you dont mind i changing the colours.


March 17, 2012

Hey I made some adjustments on the wiki I found. Please see if you can edit it.

Jeannelle, let me know if you are still having difficulty joining or anyone else for that matter.


March 17, 2012

Good day people,

WE MUST SELECT 3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT WIKI SITES TODAY! You will recall Assignment 2 states:

1. Find at least 3 free project management wiki sites. 2. Evaluate all. 3. Use 1 site to develop project.

We need to begin being very clear on what must be done. The links below will take you to some sites and for a short quick explanation of a wiki. I am not sure if they are indeed satisfying Requirement 1. We can decide this at our meeting so please study them BEFORE the meeting. I haven't seen evidence of anyone else's search trying to satisfy Item 1. Please send those ASAP or bring forward at today's meeting. We've got to get started. If there are those who are more familiar with wiki sites please give us your input. Your knowledge may just get us over the edge.

PRGM6002YR2012 is OUR wiki site. At this stage, let's stay focussed on using this site as our communication tool rather than people simply creating sites. The more use we make of it, the more familiar we will be with the tool and its attributes, don't you think?

Meeting of March 17, 2012 Scheduled Start Time: 2:00 p.m. Scheduled Location: UWI Food Court


A. Review and Selection of Project Management Sites for Evaluation. B. Allocation of site to be evaluated. C. Standardization of Evaluation Methodology (see Stacey's input located on 'Pages' ) D. Any other business

Project Management Software at $0 Open source Project Management Wiki site What is a wiki? http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/article/viewArticle/163/244

Top Wikis Sites[edit | edit source]

01. Wikipedia 02. wikiHow 03. Wikibooks 04. Wikinews 05. Wetpaint 06. Wikitravel 07. WikiHealth 08. ProductWIki 09. DIY Bookbinding 10. WikiFAQ 11.SpursLine.com 12. Narnia Confidential 13. Wikia 14. CodePedia 15. The New PR Wiki 16. Greekopedia.com 17. Indianer-Wiki 18. WikiOutdoors 19. Coaching Wiki 20. Extreme Programming Roadmap Wiki 21. ThinkWiki 22. World66 23. WikiWikiWeb 24. PlaceWiki 25. CustomerVision 26. Meatball Wiki 27. Kids Gone 28. Wincyclopedia


http://weblist.me/listsearch?q=project+management This one list project mngmt sites


Hey guys,

Found a wiki and sent invitations...below is the web address. Please accept.



Thanks Vidya


Meeting #2 held February 11, 2012 at UWI near Lecture Room 10, Engineering Block 2.

Attending were:

Jude Ramnarine Stacey Deonanan Karen Chamansingh-Gopaul Jeannelle Bernard Vidya Mathura

Absen was:

Gideon Nicholls.

Jeannelle explained that the Minutes of the last meeting were placed on this wiki site. Apologies were extended by Jeannelle since persons did not receive notice of the revision/addition to the site. The team was reminded to check periodically.

Meeting was called for a decision as to what topic we would pursue since time is of the essence. No consensus was reached since therefore it was agreed that a decision must be made soon, since time is of the essence. Discussion held as to various challenges met while using wiki and Googledocs and the way in which the team should communicate from here onwards.

To sum up our decisions

  1. Our wiki account to be used as the major method of communication.
  2. Google account for the team to be created by Vidya
  3. Final selection of project concept to be made by February 15. The choices have been short-listed as:

Carnival fete or band; and hydroponics following submission of Gideon and team project.

In considering take into account the parts of the project proposal cycle and whether the chosen idea can be applied.

Decision to be submitted via this wiki site.

End of Minutes

I thought about Jude's argument for supporting the hydroponics idea. I believe that a Carnival inspired fete or band can be continual concern and not just a' one-off. Its sustainability is evidenced by the various bands and artistes who sell Carnival throughout the year, throughout the world. I would opt for the hydroponics simply because of limited time.

I would prefer to go with Giddeon's project as we have limited time and the information is at our finger tips. Vidya


Hello Team,

Woke up thinking of Jude's Carnival themed brainstorm.. I like your idea of a Carnival project proposal, perhaps we can consider one of these:


  1. plan and execute a Carnival fete.
  2. Create a carnival band
  3. Design steelband concerts featuring bands that are NOT participating in Panorama. Make it sustainable such that it can be made into a viable business venture.

Jude remember you mentioned marketing to the cruise ships using Carnival as the largest and greatest exercise workout.

I've also been thinking along the cultural lines and wanted you all to consider whether we could design a proposal using our religous holidays. You may be aware that religion is importantant not only in Trinidad and Tobago but worldwide and it draws people and money. So promoting the religous holidays of Trinidad and Tobago as a tourism tool.

Justification: It can bring to the country, year round foreign exchange, create employment for tourist guides, hoteliers, restaurants, researchers, taxi drivers, support the maintenance of various religous bodies,etc. We may also be able to find information from the various tourist boards we've had and the existing one for this idea.

I think from all of the above we could cover the requirements

  • Project start: sponsor, team
  • Objectives & Scope
  • schedule and budget
  • etc

Something to think about.

Hi Jeanelle,

Sounds ok. We'll finalise tomorrow after Class Vids

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